Lucury brand story telling

Luxury Brands: Tell New Stories for Your Most Profitable Customers

Brands need new stories to tell that connect with the next generation’s values and mindset

In a recent Adweek article about five trends shaping the future of retail, Christopher Brace, CEO at Syntegrate Consulting, made it crystal clear:

Brands need to tell new stories to capture the next generation customers. 

On the need for effective story telling to revive flagging brands and retailers, Brace said:

Retailers that can figure this out — telling the brand stories — will be filling a big white space. Millennials are especially influencing this area because they don’t buy things, they buy stories.

Providing insights and strategies to fill that ‘white space’ is what Unity Marketing’s new trend report is all luxury beauty in brand new style white paper

Brand Stories that Sell to HENRYs: Marketing Luxury in a Brand New Style for High-Earners-Not-Rich-Yet Consumers, reveals how to link brands with the new psychology of today’s largest and most profitable consumer segment: The HENRYs – high-earners-not-rich-yet.

Luxury is a mindset, not a brand or a price point

Luxury brands are challenged reaching the next generation of luxury customers, the young HENRYs, not by tactics to connect – internet marketing is a given – but rather by how to create new and compelling reasons why their brands are meaningful and important to this digitally-empowered generation.

This new report will show how.  It delves into the values of HENRYs and the kind of brand storytelling that will sell to the next generation’s affluents. It examines 19 new stories of luxury that connect with the psychology of young HENRYs and shows how different brands use each story to achieve marketing success; stories like:

  • Luxury for the Moment:  Access not Ownership
  • Luxury of Discovery: Spread the Word to Go Viral
  • Luxury of Nostalgia:  What’s Old is New Again
  • Luxury for Me: Anti-Status

It draws examples from many of the new luxury style brands that are finding success with HENRY, such as Shinola, Warby Parker, Apple, FitBit, Everlane, Suitsupply, Canada Goose, Toms and many others that deliver a luxury experience to a new generation of affluents.

Get a copy of this report today and start plotting new stories for your most profitable new customers.