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How Indie Bookstores Beat Amazon and You Can Too

For the past eight years, Harvard professor Ryan Raffaelli immersed himself in the world of independent bookstores. Concluding his study, he just released a working paper, entitled “Reinventing Retail: The Novel Resurgence of Independent Bookstores,” that summarizes the findings from his extensive research, which included a series of interviews and focus groups, visits to bookstores […]

Can Amazon Succeed in Luxury?

No question, every successful entrepreneur has a certain amount of madness and the more successful they are, the madder. Using that measure, Jeff Bezos, who dreamed a bookstore could become the world’s largest retailer, must be the craziest of all as he tops the list as the world’s richest person, just ahead of another mad […]

Louis Vuitton x NBA

Louis Vuitton x NBA: Good Play or a Step Out of Bounds?

Luxury brands have long had an affiliation with sports, but it’s largely been to elite sports like golf, tennis, polo and other equestrian events, motor sports and sailing—not so much rough-and-tumble team sports like football, soccer or basketball. Those team sports have largely been the province of Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and Puma, a brand […]


Sephora’s Already-Great Beauty Insider Loyalty Program Is Getting Even Better

Look at most any list of the top retail brand loyalty programs and Sephora’s Beauty Insider typically is on it. Business Insider calls it out for offering members access to beauty classes, special promotions, exclusive sets and extending extra perks through credit cards. Shopify highlights the program’s flexibility that gives members access to discounts to […]

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