Marketing Starts With Understanding The Consumer

Unity Marketing specializes in providing business insights into the mind of the affluent consumer.  Rather than focus on an industry or product sector, we look to provide marketers insights into the affluent customers who have more specialized needs, desires and aspirations for goods and services.

Unity doesn’t just field market research studies; rather we delve into the psychology that motivates and empowers luxury consumers in the marketplace.  What sets us apart from the rest is our focus on consumer psychology — in other words, ‘why people buy.’

Unity Marketing is in a constant pursuit of new insights and understandings of these high potential customers for its clients.  We lead with research to provide:

  • Qualitative expertise
  • Focus groups, IDIs
  • Expert, influential & channel partner studies
  • Quantitative expertise
  • Survey design
  • Data analysis including statistical data analysis
  • Analyzing survey results for key take aways
  • Marketing & branding consulting
  • How to use research to create more powerful brands and more compelling marketing

Specific services Unity Marketing offers:

  • Strategic marketing plans
  • Trade partner & channel studies
  • Brand awareness, attitude & usage studies
  • Qualitative research studies
  • Quantitative research studies
  • Syndicated, multi-client and semi-custom customer surveys

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