Semi-custom customer survey

Syndicated, multi-client and semi-custom customer survey

Unity Marketing offers a variety of options for clients that want the benefits of consumer surveys at a lower cost than associated with custom studies. Its flagship offering is Unity Marketing’s Affluent Consumer Tracking Study. It’s a multi-client study launched every three months among ~1,200+ high-end affluent consumers. It measures affluents attitudes about their finances and consumer confidence, plus collects data about their purchase and shopping behavior. Unity Marketing’s Affluent Consumer Tracking Study (ACTS) is the only longitudinal survey of its kind which provides not just a historic but forward-looking, predictive view of the affluent consumers and their attitudes toward spending and wealth in its exclusive LCI (Luxury Consumption Index).

Other multi-client and semi-custom studies are available, including industry-specific studies where clients sponsor portions of a survey to get the answers to research questions they need. Unity Marketing routinely puts out calls for study sponsors to give companies an opportunity to participate in various multi-client studies, such as the upcoming Millionaire Market Monitor study of HNW and UHNW consumers being conducted in partnership with American Affluence Research Center.

Unity Marketing also maintains a vast library of proven survey questionnaires that can be edited and modified for specific clients’ needs. Clients can use these tools to conduct their own customer surveys with tools such as Survey Monkey, Google Survey or Constant Contact survey utility, and either read their own results or contract with Unity Marketing to do the survey analysis. This semi-custom approach allows the client tight control of the research budget and use only the expert resources specifically needed to maximize results.


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