Brand awareness, attitude & usage studies

Marketers need to understand where their brand stands in today’s highly competitive marketplace. They need insights into where their brand excels and where it may fall behind the competition. Understanding how the target customers perceive the brand is the key to growing sales and achieving success. It is the first step to build brand loyalty — the gold standard of brand marketing.

Unity Marketing can help marketers understand their customers’ and target customers’ perceptions, beliefs, intentions, and purchase behaviors related to the brand and competitive brands.

The result: marketers understand the strength of their market position, get a clear picture of the process by which customers chose one brand over another, what the customer values and where new opportunities lie.

Our research approach gathers insights and data to:

Measure brand strength and equity among affluent and high-net worth consumers — How much does your brand appeal to the customers that really matter?

Recognize the drivers of brand preference — How high does your brand score as A Leader? Trend-setter? Smart? Sexy?

Benchmark against competitors and across categories — Is your brand more Innovative, Relevant, Luxurious than the competition?

Identify opportunities to extend brand — Does your brand have attributes that extend to new luxury goods and service categories?

Find brand partners that map core brand values — Which brand partnership would complement your brand?

Measure brand among key demographic targets — Awareness by affluent’s income, gender, age and level of wealth

Track marketing/advertising impact

Measure both brand awareness and usage

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