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Predictive Value of the LCI -- Unity Marketing's Affluent Consumer Tracking Study and Its Power to Predict Trends in the Luxury Market

The LCI is a forward-looking indicator of affluent consumer confidence and their propensity to spend.


Do the Millionaires Still Live Next Door or Have They Moved?

These HNW customers represent the ultimate high-powered, moneyed customers for luxury marketers and bespoke service providers. Understanding the demographics of millionaires is key to marketing success.


What Do HENRYs Want? Reaching the Most Important Affluent Demographic

Effectively tapping the spend power of the HENRYs (high-earners-not-rich-yet) is what brands need to position themselves for growth over the next ten years.



Five Luxe Trends for 2015

Learn about the five key trends shaping the future for luxury brands in the U.S. affluent consumer market.

Affluent Austerity: Does Your Business Feel It? What Should You Do About It?

Affluent shoppers with plenty of discretionary income to spend are the key to driving sales and delivering profits to your retail door.

Putting the Luxe Back in Luxury -- Introduction to Pam Danziger's latest book

Before this recession, people were spending their perceived wealth. The values of their homes were up, their investments and 401(k)s were up. Now that wealth is gone and they’re back to spending their real income,” says Pam Danziger, Unity Marketing.

The Great Recession of 2008 drained the ‘luxe’ right out of luxury. Affluents learned to say no to the allure of luxury brands. As a luxury marketer, you need to attract your recession-ravaged customers back to the fold. Download a preview of Pam Danziger’s new book, Putting the Luxe Back in Luxury: How new consumer values are redefining the way we market luxury. It will give luxury marketers vital insights and strategies to assure success in the new luxury market through 2020.

It will help bring resistant luxury consumers back to your brand.

Affluents' Favorite Beauty Brands

The beauty brands affluents favor, including mass and ‘class’ brands.  Download a listing ranking the top beauty brands purchased by affluents in 2014.

Luxury Travel Destinations 2015

Find out the top foreign and domestic destinations for affluent travelers in 2015.

How to Transform a High-End Furniture Store into a 21st Century Destination Where Customers Can Create a Stylish Home: A New Design for Davids

This is a case study of how Davids Furniture & Interiors transformed its brand and marketing to attract a new generation of affluent customers. A marketing audit conducted for the company revealed that the company’s brand image and marketing messaging was caught in a time warp. The external image the company projected was not consistent with the sophisticated, high-style and design image the company reflected through its three retail stores.

Learn how Davids created a total rebrand, including a new logo, tag line, color palette, collateral material to appeal to the type of sophisticated clients to which their products and services are targeted.

This white paper will help any company dealing with a changing customer base where the traditional marketing solutions are no longer working like they used to.

What's Hot, What's Not in Christmas Decorating for 2015

Look into how decorators will decorate their homes for Christmas 2015 and learn how to capture the attention and dollars of the decorating customer.

Gift Retailing in 21st Century Style

Marketing starts with understanding the customer. Understanding the customer in the gifting market starts with this report. Click the download button below to download a white paper describing the challenges and opportunities for marketing gifts in 21st Century style.

What, So What, Now What – You’ve Built It, But Will the Customers Come? Create a Strategic Marketing Plan for your Business

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there,”  attributed to Lewis Carroll

There is no time like the present to get started creating a strategic marketing plan for your business. It will serve as a road map to find customers and to grow your business in the future. This white paper will describe the steps in creating a strategic marketing plan, appropriate for businesses of all sizes, small, mid-sized and large.

Retailers, Does Your Shop Pop? Take a Pop Quiz!

Does your shop create an ultimate experience for your shoppers? Discover how well your store measures up to the Pop Equation in Pam’s new book, Shopping.

Click the download button below to download a copy of a self-test that will help you find new ways to boost sales in your store by enhancing the shopping experience. Read Pam’s advice about how to rev-up your store’s marketing in the answer key.