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pam danziger at podium

Pam Danziger
Author, Speaker, Market Researcher

Understand the Mind of Today’s Affluent Consumer & Shopper

There is a paradigm shift happening within the affluent consumer market segment. Brands that embrace this change will position themselves to outpace their competitors for a generation to come. Brands that resist change by clinging to 20th-century definitions of luxury and affluence, meanwhile, risk being marginalized right out of business. Which side of history will your company stand on?

Yours was the best content of any of their speakers in the last six years that I could recall, from a brand dealer conference attendee

Prepare your marketing and sales teams for the competitive landscape of tomorrow. For over a decade Pam Danziger has studied the changing preferences, shopping habits, attitudes, and lifestyles of affluent consumers. Each of Pam’s presentations, speeches, seminars, webinars & workshops are custom-designed for the needs of the audience.

Pam Danziger speaks truth to power in luxury. She is an analyst beyond compare of all things luxury, marketing, retail and HENRYs. Her cogent interpretation of data is geared to help luxury marketers make better decisions as consumer behavior evolves. Be it as a speaker or as a writer, Pam gets the message across  without the usual jargon that camouflages the true purpose of research and analysis: actionable insight. — Mickey ALAM KHAN, editor in chief, Luxury Daily

I saw you at Art Expo in 2016. Yours was the one I gleaned the most from.

To assure that, Pam offers a pre-conference survey service where conference organizers can invite their attendees to complete a short 8-12 questions survey about the specific information they need most from Pam’s presentation. With the attendee survey results in hand, Pam will craft a speech that meets both the conference organizers’ and the audiences’ needs.  Plus, conference organizers find the pre-conference survey works to ‘prime the pump’ of their audience and get them excited to attend.

It was a pleasure attending your class “Transforming you Floor Covering Store into a Shop that POPs!” Thanks for such a meaningful presentation. You obviously have a lot of passion for what you do and it shows.

“I speak about the world’s most powerful consumers — The American Affluent”

Each of Pam’s speeches are customized using the extensive market research library at Unity Marketing to meet the specific needs and interests of your audience.

  • How to Make Your Shop POP!  Workshops for retailers that need innovative ideas to make their shops irresistible to customers.
  • Meet the HENRYs: HENRYs, or high-earners-not-rich-yet, are the consumer demographic of tomorrow’s marketplace. Find out what it takes to capitalize on this emerging mass market.
  • Do the Millionaires Still Live Next Door?: Explore the dynamics of America’s top 10%. What’s changing about their attitudes and motivations?
  • Millennials on the Road to Affluence: What will the luxury market look like in 2020 when the Millennials start to reach affluence?
  • Affluents and their homes: A look inside the design preferences and home furnishing trends of affluent consumers.
  • Gifting: Understanding the needs and desires of the gift-shopping consumer who spends $1 out of every $10 in the GAFO-type of stores.
  • Marketing Luxury in a Brand New Style: Understand the demographics, psychographics/consumer psychology, and purchasing behavior of the affluent top 20% U.S. consumers in the post-recession era.
  • Declaration of Independents:  For marketers that need to target specialty independent retailers as a vibrant new channel of distribution.

Call Pam at (717) 336-1600 or fill out the form on the Schedule Pam page to discuss your needs for a customized presentation for your group.

Pam’s Keynote Speeches

Among the large audiences that she has keynoted include: Global Shop, National Retail Federation, Nursery and Landscape Association, Casual Furniture Market, The Luxury Show by JCK, National Plumbing and Hardware Association’s Annual Convention, International Housewares Association, IAC Gold Conference, Fine Furnishings International’s Luxury Cake Walk at High Point and many others.

In addition, she also conducts workshops and seminars in support of ideation, innovation, corporate sales and advertisers’ meetings, for clients such as Design Centers International, Future US, Luxury Marketing Council, Fashion Institute of Technology Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing Graduate Program at NYC, Classic Vacations, Affluent Traveler Collection, Infiniti, Cartier, GM, Architectural Digest, Cornerstone Brands, Spring Air, Forte Buying Group, Stearns & Foster, House & Garden magazine, Baccarat, Prudential Fine Homes,  RELO, Interiors by Decorating Den, Department 56, Polo Ralph Lauren, and others.

Call Pam at (717) 336-1600 or go and fill out the form on the Schedule Pam page to discuss your needs for a customized presentation for your group.