Testimonials about Unity Marketing

You provide always cutting edge information and education. Retailers would be well served to have you on retainer as a strategic consultant.

CEO Fashion Company

The concise, clear analysis of the luxury market is invaluable. Pam Danziger has an uncanny ability to make sense of disparate trends and provide a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities that the market is offering.

C-suite Executive

Unity Marketing’s insights and information are constant helpful data points allowing us to revise and evolve our products, plans and strategies. Recent UM insight about the changing luxury market has made us particularly critical about the features and price points of what are otherwise very high-end products — so we need to take them down a notch in order to meet the new market’s true interests.

Brand Marketer

You offer wonderful insight and a great follow up.

Marketing Executive

Unity Marketing is invaluable to me by saving me doing costly research for my clients and keeps me ahead of my client’s market knowledge…I get very useful information and a feel for developing trends — and consequently opportunities! UM’s insights are unique and useful…In my experience good researchers are rare!..Alas most other researchers present the expected and obvious and with poor (if any) insight.

Advertising Account Executive

The information provided by Unity Marketing gives a broader perspective in evaluating the spending habits of our potential clients as well as assisting in understanding their interests and ability or desire to purchase luxury travel experiences.

Luxury Travel Executive

The premium category is changing — and we know that. However, Unity has the data to prove it and a rock solid reputation.

Luxury Marketing Executive

Unity Marketing has provided us with research and insights to help gain new clients and update our current ones to be knowledgeable about demographics and the luxury market. Pam Danziger’s authoritative voice has also enabled us to lend added value to our clients by helping them become ‘experts’ in this area.

Advertising Executive

Unity Marketing helps me to tightly define my target market thereby saving advertising costs and achieving greater return on advertising dollars.


The research done by this talented and insightful team has been incredibly helpful to us in trying to better understand the market we would like to better penetrate.

Marketing Executive

Unity Marketing’s on-point, on-trend papers have challenged our management team to think outside of our company and in ways that push us beyond our current team.

C-Suite Executive

Change is inevitable, capitalizing on that change requires astuteness, insights and information. Pam Danziger is the go-to [person]. She is smart, well informed and incredibly generous in sharing her insights, which are spot on!

Marketing Executive

Unity Marketing is a very good visionary, seeing the changes in marketing, the retail trends and the change in demographic buying habits.

Retail Executive

As a buyer, I must justify all spend with procurement. It is difficult to justify spend on luxury goods that have a slower selling cycle. Using the ‘HENRY’ model allowed me to prove that there is a market for luxury goods.

Retail Merchandiser

Unity Marketing always provides up-to-date information on the shifting tastes and expectations of the HNW individuals. The introduction of the term ‘HENRYs’ to my operation was because of UM’s consistent effort to keep subscribers information about the luxury market.

C-Suite Executive

Brings new insights on current luxury demographics. Has an innovative approach and understanding of new luxury trends.

Marketing Executive

Excellent original thinking and excellent original ideas…and experience in interpretation and insight of research! Literally, sifting the wheat from the chaff!

Marketing Executive

In selecting a speaker for our group, I went back to our files and found Pam had addressed us before, in 2007. When I looked at her presentation, I discovered she predicted the recession back then, before it hit. That cinched it – We wanted her back to tell us what’s ahead for our industry targeting a high-end clientele.

Executive Director, Association of To-the-Trade Design Centers