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Understand the Mind Today’s Affluent Consumer pam danziger at podium

There is a paradigm shift happening within the affluent consumer market segment. Brands that embrace this change will position themselves to outpace their competitors for a generation to come. Brands that resist change by clinging to 20th-century definitions of luxury and affluence, meanwhile, risk being marginalized right out of business. Which side of history will your company stand on?

Prepare your marketing and sales teams for the competitive landscape of tomorrow. For over a decade Pam Danziger has studied the changing preferences, shopping habits, attitudes, and lifestyles of affluent consumers. Her presentations, speeches, seminars, webinars & workshops are designed to give you “All Access” into the mind of today’s most influential shoppers. Let Pam show you how to turn these insights into actionable strategies for reaching your most profitable customers.

Popular Speaking Topics

Each of Pam’s speeches are customized using the extensive market research library at Unity Marketing to meet the specific needs and interests of your audience.

  • Solving the Mystery of Marketing to Millennials:  The millennial generation is growing in wealth and spending power, but their emergence as the largest consumer generation has disrupted the traditional business and practice of marketing.  This presentation addresses the challenges marketers face with the millennial generation and how to effectively make a connection with them.  Pam customized each presentation to the specific needs of the audience, so whether you are marketing fashion, gifts, home furnishings or services, such as travel or interior design, she will address each vertical segment directly with actionable ideas and relevant information.
  • Make Your Shop POP!:  Specialty independent retailers that sell on Main Street are in the ‘sweet spot’ for retail.  This presentation will help independent retailers create extraordinary customer experiences in their stores to grow their businesses.  Suitable for a wide range of specific retail audiences, from fashion to jewelry, home furnishings to outdoor, and everything in between.
  • Meet the HENRYs: HENRYs, or high-earners-not-rich-yet, are the consumer demographic of tomorrow’s marketplace. Find out what it takes to capitalize on this emerging mass market.
  • Do the millionaires still live next door?: Explore the dynamics of America’s top 10%. What’s changing about their attitudes and motivations?
  • Millennials on the Road to Affluence: What will the luxury market look like in 2020 when the Millennials start to reach affluence?
  • Affluents and their homes: A look inside the design preferences and home furnishing trends of affluent consumers.
  • Gifting: Understanding the needs and desires of the gift-shopping consumer who spends $1 out of every $10 in the GAFO-type of stores.
  • Marketing Luxury in a Brand New Style: Understand the demographics, psychographics/consumer psychology, and purchasing behavior of the affluent top 20% U.S. consumers in the post-recession era.

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