Marketing Real Estate in New Luxury Style Speech

This presentation is ideal for:

  • Realtors
  • Real estate agents
  • Real estate trade associations
  • Home builders
  • Real estate investors
  • Marketers that serve the real estate market

What the research tells us:

The high-end real estate market is changing. Research conducted by Unity Marketing reveals three dominant trends driving this change:

  • Slow rate of household formation. Last year fewer than half a million new households were formed, less than half the rate of the previous two years (1.3 million new households). Further, most of these new households are renting, rather than owning, according to the Census Department’s Current Population Survey.
  • Downsizing by Baby Boomers. Some 10,000 or so Boomers will be retiring every day through 2029, and with retirement comes new housing needs. Most Boomers bought their homes in the 80s and 90s, when bigger was better and ‘McMansions’ were the American dream home. But in retirement Boomers will be using the equity in their homes to finance their post-retirement lifestyles. Net/Net: They are leaving behind a mounting inventory of big, expensive homes that the much smaller GenX cohort can’t absorb.
  • Changing preferences and priorities driven by Millennials. The Millennial generation, as large in size as Boomers, but delayed in getting married, setting up new households and investing in home ownership, brings a whole new standard into the housing market. Many of them grew up in the Boomer ‘McMansions’ that will be coming on the market, which is not necessarily the kind of home they want. The “Tiny House” movement is more than a reality television show; it’s a real trend in which the “Not So Big House” popularized by Sarah Susanka offers an environmentally and financially responsible way to live for the responsibly-minded Millennial generation.

Are the real estate professionals on your team prepared to prosper amidst the changing needs of high-end American home buyers?

What you’ll learn:

Unity Marketing has been tracking the mindset and buying preferences of affluent consumers for over 10 years. Speaker Pam Danziger is prepared to share with you the strategies and tactics that will give you the edge over your competition and allow you to win more high-end home listings and sell more high-priced homes. In this presentation you’ll learn:

  • How to speak to a new generation of home buyers with their changing priorities and expectations.
  • What it takes to get more luxury home listings and to sell to the new mindset and expectations of young home buyers.
  • How to position yourself, your agency, your brand as the ‘go-to’ expert in selling homes to and for the affluent.

Most importantly, this 50-minute presentation will reveal the secrets to beat the competition stuck in the old ways of selling to yesterday’s luxury home buyers, not today’s.  Marketing luxury homes in a brand new style will mean success for forward-looking real-estate professionals catering to the ‘carriage trade.’

Customized to your specific needs:needs analysis meeting

A pre-conference survey among meeting attendees answers key questions to help Pam customize this speech to the specific needs of your audience.   Here is a sample of the results from a pre-conference survey for a recent real-estate presentation.

In addition, Pam draws examples of best business practices as well as marketing opportunities from client’s and competitor’s websites, branding and marketing materials.