Is Pamela Danziger the Right Speaker for Your Group?

pam danziger at podium

Pam Danziger
Author, Speaker, Market Researcher

Have you ever attended a speech or presentation that was just plain disappointing? After all the pre-conference buzz and built-up expectations, you walk out feeling flat rather than inspired? No event organizer wants that.

Selecting the right speaker for your group is the key to having an inspiring rather than a disappointing meeting. Here is what Pamela Danziger brings to her audience:


Pam is an energetic, ethusiastic speaker who engages her audiences with information and ideas that grab their attention and don’t let them go.

She doesn’t resort to platform tricks to hold people’s interest. Rather she is passionate about the information she has to share and her audiences need to hear.

For her sharing important and actionable information is a mission, not just a job.

Expert knowledge

In 1992 Pam founded Unity Marketing, a boutique market research and consulting company, after an extensive professional career in market research, information management and competitive analysis.

She has written 8 books and is on the forefront of market research into the luxury market and the American affluent consumer – the world’s most powerful consumer segment and the customers that retailers most need to attract.


Pam delivers more than opinions and platitudes to her audiences. She brings facts and research.

In her consulting work, she takes a research-led approach to all engagements. Businesses need to understand their consumers first before they can design marketing strategies that will reach them, connect with them and turn them into customers.

And not only does Pam deliver research about the customers and markets in her speeches, she also researches the audiences she is speaking to in order to understand their special needs and interests. She custom tailors all presentations to meet those needs.


The media seeks out Pam for news, research and commentary. Pam is widely quoted in the press and has appeared on numerous television news, cable and radio shows, including the Today Show twice.

As a contributor on in the retail space, her articles are read and shared by thousands of people every day, totaling millions on annual basis. One article alone, 9 Fashion Retailers on Life Support garnered 130,000 hits.

She also is a contributing columnist to The Robin Report, Luxury Daily, Furniture World and other trade and business publications. And she writes a weekly blog on retail and the luxury market.

To say Pam is prolific may be an understatement. Just search her on Google.

What your audience needs to hear

Many speakers come to events with a canned speech in pocket, a speech that they want to give. Not Pam.

Through consultation with meeting planners, selective interviews with audience members and a pre-conference survey conducted among invited meeting attendees, a service offered to all speaking clients, Pam customizes every speech and presentation around the topics and subjects that the audience most want to and need to hear.

Strategies that are actionable

A common complaint from audiences is that speaker and speech was interesting, but didn’t clearly and succinctly tell them how to take what they heard and make it actionable. That isn’t what you’ll hear about Pam’ s speeches.

For every chart, table or graph she presents or research-based finding she shares, Pam will translate the information into actionable strategies to take back to the office and put it to work for more success, better marketing, to attract new customers and grow profits.

Proof is in the pudding

Here are some comments from one of Pam’s recent audiences:

  • Yours was the best content of any of their speakers in the last six years that I could recall.
  • Very smart and informed. One of the best presentations.
  • Excellent!
  • Wonderful presentation I was able to get a lot of new ideas.
  • Very interesting. Great information.
  • Wonderful. Loved the presentation. Gained a lot. And reiterated what I thought.
  • The information provided was very good and validating. Many things we are already doing and doing well but it’s been a hard path to stay that way. It’s very validating to hear it’s What We Should Do. There are other fine tuning items I drew from the presentation that we will be able to implement.

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