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Jeep Wrangler

Who’s Buying Jeeps and Why? A Psychographic Case Study

Sports utility vehicles are on a roll, both in the high-end luxury car segment as well as in the mass-market. Further, the prices of mass-market SUV brands are rising while those of luxury SUV are dropping, narrowing the price gap between high-end and mass-market SUVs, according to a new report from Edmunds, the car buying […]

Times Square, New York City

Retail’s Future in 9 Demographic Trends

In this age of Big Data, when every retailer’s cup runneth over with consumer information, it has become easy to say, “Demographics don’t matter.” Take this article in HuffPost’s Advertising Week by Alexander Jutkowitz, who writes: “Ending our reliance on demographics will not only make us more effective marketers, but will also help eliminate damaging stereotypes that crop up so […]

Luxury Brands

Should a Luxury Brand Take Political Sides? Why It Matters

In the current U.S. culture sharply divided right or left, conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat, most luxury brands generally don’t think much about the political leanings of their customers. They tend to be inclusive in order not to alienate affluent customers with either a conservative or liberal viewpoint. But that may have to change. […]

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Testosterone Is the Hormone that Drives Men Wild for Luxury

Consistently in my research with luxury consumers, I have found men more predisposed than women to luxury purchases. They typically spend more on luxury goods and services than women in Unity Marketing surveys and are more willing to own interest in luxury consumption in interviews and other qualitative research. I’ve attributed these gender differences in […]

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Millennial wedding couple

Is a Wedding A Luxury too Few Millennials Can Afford?

It isn’t easy to succeed in today’s wedding market, as bankrupt bridal gown company Alfred Angelo and struggling David’s Bridal have discovered. Once an evergreen market where businesses could depend upon a steady demand for products and services, the wedding market hit the skids during the recession and has yet to recover. With a total […]