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Five Ways to Put Luxury Back on Path to Growth

The luxury industry is hitting a wall.  Recent studies from the global leaders in predicting the prospects for luxury market growth testify to it. Deloitte, which studies only the top 100 largest luxury brands, the industry’s best and brightest, sees these companies’ growth slowing over the next five years, as compared with the last five.  […]

Barbell effect

Beware the Barbell Effect: Feeling the Death Squeeze?

The Barbell Effect is a phrase common to investing, where investors split their investment portfolio between startup companies on one end and mature companies on the other.  The idea is to balance the weight, and risk, on both ends so the portfolio looks like a barbell. Jim Blasingame, the Small Business Advocate and author of […]


Interior Designers:  Get the Market Information You Asked For

Chris Ramey, president of The Home Trust International, and I just wrapped up a survey among over 500 professionals working in the design and luxury home industry.  While I have yet to begin our analysis, I am sure the findings will provide powerful insights and direction for design professionals and luxury home businesses. One thing […]

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