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Craft jewelry

If I Owned a Jewelry Store…

I’d want it to be an extraordinarily different kind of jewelry store.  I’d want it located on an active ‘Main Street’ surrounded by other extraordinary shops, boutiques, pubs, restaurants and other places that attract guests with fun things to do and see.  I’d want my store to be an exciting place where people can experience […]

Millennial wedding couple

Is a Wedding A Luxury too Few Millennials Can Afford?

It isn’t easy to succeed in today’s wedding market, as bankrupt bridal gown company Alfred Angelo and struggling David’s Bridal have discovered. Once an evergreen market where businesses could depend upon a steady demand for products and services, the wedding market hit the skids during the recession and has yet to recover. With a total […]

New American dream home

American’s Search for a More Livable Home: The New American Dream Home

Back in 2008 John Zogby, founder of the Zogby International Poll, predicted a seismic shift in American’s aspirations, values and ideals in his book The Way We’ll Be: The Zogby Report on the Transformation of the American Dream.  Zogby identified four mega-trends that are shaping the trajectory of the American culture and fundamentally redefining the American […]

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Gucci Shopper (by 
Jarred Grabois,

Gucci Is Leaving Louis Vuitton in the Dust Online

Among its luxury competitive cohort, Gucci is killing it online. Gucci was just named one of the three 2017 Momentum Award winners by SimilarWeb in the retail category, the only luxury brand to be so recognized. Gucci joins and as leaders in the online world of retail, based on the company’s algorithm measuring online traffic […]

Ikea store

Why IKEA Is a Retail Competitor to Fear

The recent passing of Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad has revived attention to a retailer that is too frequently overlooked in home furnishings circles. All too often it is the butt of jokes. From the unintelligible instructions required to assemble its furniture and the unpronounceable names for the 9,500 products it sells to its meatballs, Ikea is more often laughed […]