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Amazon Furnishing American Home

Amazon’s Next Big Play: Furnishing American Homes

As consumers progress through life stages, each stage presents predictable triggers for consumer purchases in specific categories. Now that the 92-million strong millennial generation is finally starting to grow up, marketers targeting young adults are getting ready for a killing. Born from 1980-2000, the leading-edge millennials are turning 37 this year and while they have […]

lipstick effect

Lipstick Effect Is in Effect Today

LVMH just released its 2016 annual report and it reveals important trends that will impact luxury brands for the years ahead.  While LVMH posted a healthy 5.4% increase from 2015 to 2016, its rate of growth was less than one-third of that from 2014 to 2015 when revenues rose a remarkable 16.4%. This may signal […]


Five Ways to Put Luxury Back on Path to Growth

The luxury industry is hitting a wall.  Recent studies from the global leaders in predicting the prospects for luxury market growth testify to it. Deloitte, which studies only the top 100 largest luxury brands, the industry’s best and brightest, sees these companies’ growth slowing over the next five years, as compared with the last five.  […]

young men pexels-photo-165226

Why HENRY Loves DAVID, and It’s Sure to Be a Long-Term Romance

An interesting piece of research recently crossed my desk from business development firm Marvin Traub Associates. Entitled “The ‘New Davids’” the report examines cutting-edge e-commerce-driven businesses that are challenging traditional retail.  Who exactly are The ‘New Davids?’: As I studied the extensive list of 200 ‘New Davids’ brands, I realized these are all companies that […]

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How Nancy Drew Made Me a Better Marketer

As a girl I discovered Nancy Drew, the young reader’s detective series by mystery writer Carolyn Keene. I was hooked on the mystery genre. Next I graduated to Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie, then onto other mystery writers, preferring the British authors like Dorothy Sayers, Ngaio Marsh, Josephine Tey, Ellis Peters, P.D. James and Elizabeth […]