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Testosterone Is the Hormone that Drives Men Wild for Luxury

Consistently in my research with luxury consumers, I have found men more predisposed than women to luxury purchases. They typically spend more on luxury goods and services than women in Unity Marketing surveys and are more willing to own interest in luxury consumption in interviews and other qualitative research. I’ve attributed these gender differences in […]

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Word of mouth marketing

How to Make Word-of-Mouth Marketing Work

In every survey Unity Marketing conducts with retailers on their marketing and advertising methods, word of mouth is hands down the most important, being both most used and most effective. For example, in a recent survey among furniture retailers, over 80% of furniture retailers named word-of-mouth their most powerful marketing tool. By contrast social-media marketing, […]

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Facebook’s Advertising Fallacy: That It Works!

Fewer than one-third of U.S. consumers are influenced by social media when making a purchase decision. That was an eye-opening statistic from a new consumer survey conduct among 1,512 U.S. online consumers by Splashlight, a visual content creation company. That pretty much aligned with findings from a 2016 study by Lithium Technologies, a digital engagement platform. In […]

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Where Luxury Brands Can Find Advertising White Space

Brands today face an increasingly crowded media marketplace to get their messages seen and heard.  Compounding the problem are the dramatically shifting media consumption habits of consumer who are increasingly being drawn to smaller screens on mobile devices. Luxury brands with a far smaller target market of consumers who can actually buy the brands advertised […]