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lipstick effect

Lipstick Effect Is in Effect Today

LVMH just released its 2016 annual report and it reveals important trends that will impact luxury brands for the years ahead.  While LVMH posted a healthy 5.4% increase from 2015 to 2016, its rate of growth was less than one-third of that from 2014 to 2015 when revenues rose a remarkable 16.4%. This may signal […]

instant gratification

Why Instant Gratification Isn’t the Answer for Luxury Brands

A recent Luxury Daily article entitled “Is fashion’s love affair with see-now, buy-now over?,” questioned whether this emerging trend in the luxury market may well have hit a wall.  Tom Ford has announced that after one year of testing the concept, it was abandoning the effort.  Thakoon has done the same. ‘See-now, buy-now’ is intended […]

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Marketing Is Outdated — It Needs a New Strategy

A friend shared an interesting article with me this week with a provocative title, “Marketing is an outdated practice, period.” It was said at  Adobe’s Think Tank: The Future of Experience Business.   The statement arose around a question about marketing’s role in the experiential economy now that simply selling a product isn’t enough anymore. […]

Shops that POP!

How to Revolutionize Retail in the Age of Amazon

Retailers are struggling with how to compete in this Age of Amazon.  To do that, they typically use the 4Ps model of marketing they originally learned.  But the Age of Amazon has disrupted the traditional 4Ps approach to marketing based on Product-Price-Placement-Promotion. The way to revolutionize retail and win in the Age of Amazon is […]