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RH Prepares To Disrupt The To-The-Trade Interior Design Industry

Initially, RH CEO Gary Friedman was in a sober mood to deliver a sober message in the company’s most recent third-quarter 2022 earnings report. Though its revenues and operating margin exceeded the previous outlook, revenues dropped 14% from last year’s $1,006 million to $869 million and adjusted operating margin declined from 27.7% last to 20.8% this […]

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Retailers’ Employment Troubles Will Only Grow In 2023

A year ago, the retailers had one overwhelming employment problem: they couldn’t find enough people to work in their stores. Employees were leaving retail employers in droves and not enough people were queuing up to fill the vacancies. Retail job openings were up nearly 40% in December 2021 over 2019 levels. And last year, the […]


Balenciaga’s Teddy-Bear Ad Pushes Luxury Out Of Bounds

Balenciaga is once again embroiled in controversy on the heels of cutting ties with Kanye West, a.k.a. Ye, over anti-Semitic statements he made. It has been widely vilified for its holiday ad campaign featuring children posed with plush teddy-bear bags wearing S&M bondage gear. The company pulled the ad with an apology on Instagram for […]