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Social Commerce Is the Next Shopping Revolution

The internet is undergoing a global social revolution. Nearly all of the 4.8 billion internet users worldwide are also on social media, some 4.5 billion people. That means 57% of all the people in the world are using social media. It’s made social media their front door to the internet. As of July 2021, social […]

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What Consumers Want from Social Media Is Different than Brands, Creating a Performance Gap

In little over a decade, social media has emerged as businesses’ number one way to connect with consumers, according to a new study conducted by Harris Poll for Sprout Social, a social media listening and analytics company. Over 70% of businesses surveyed rely on social media for customer engagement, compared with 61% for email, 27% […]

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Public relations power

Help for Brands Looking to Spread the Word

In survey after survey that Unity Marketing conducts with brands and retailers, word-of-mouth marketing inevitably rises to the top as both their most used and most effective marketing medium.  Word-of-mouth has credibility unmatched by any other. Unlike paid advertising and marketing messages pushed out by brands and retailers, word-of-mouth communicates authentic news that the one […]

Word of mouth marketing

How to Make Word-of-Mouth Marketing Work

In every survey Unity Marketing conducts with retailers on their marketing and advertising methods, word of mouth is hands down the most important, being both most used and most effective. For example, in a recent survey among furniture retailers, over 80% of furniture retailers named word-of-mouth their most powerful marketing tool. By contrast social-media marketing, […]


How to Make Word-of-Mouth Work for Small Businesses

On August 15-18 the 47th anniversary of Woodstock will be celebrated, a watershed moment for we Baby Boomers in the 60s, when nearly half-a-million young people gathered on a farm in upstate New York for a festival of ‘Peace and Music.’ Woodstock was also notable as one of the early examples of word-of-mouth marketing’s power, […]