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Talking HENRYs with Joanne Wilson, a.k.a. @GothamGal

Gotham Gal, a.k.a. Joanne Wilson, asked me about HENRYs – High Earners Not Rich Yet – and I obliged. Hear our far-ranging discussion on my career path to the luxury market and the discovery of the HENRYs, women consumers, online shopping, supply chain and retail. Watch Now

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Luxury Brands Have A New More Intentional Consumer

Against a backdrop brought on by the pandemic, including supply chain snags, rising inflation and on-going geopolitical turmoil, luxury brands face another challenge. The consumers who are emerging post-pandemic are coming to the luxury market with new priorities and expectations from luxury brands. “Customers tastes and interests have changed. Their attitudes toward shopping have changed. […]

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Prospects for Home Brands In Post-Pandemic World

The National Kitchen and Bath Association asked me to share research and perspectives on the future of home-related businesses is in the post-pandemic market. Here are my thoughts along with those from with Bill Darcy of the NKBA and J. Walker Smith of Kantar Consulting. And for a wider look across other segments in the […]

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Luxury in a Post-Covid World

Letting no crisis go to waste, the MBB big-three consulting firms – McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, and Bain & Company – have all come out with their post-coronavirus predictions for the luxury market. I’ve spent hours digesting their reports, including interviewing Bain’s Claudia D’Aprizio, who is arguably the world’s leading authority on the […]


Coronavirus Will Make Wellbeing the New Luxury Trend of the Future

The coronavirus shutdown has forced a reset to consumers’ purchasing behavior across the globe and at every income level. In a blink of the eye, consumer spending shifted from discretionary to necessity purchases and has remained that way throughout the months of the shutdowns. With luxury being the most discretionary of all consumer purchases, it […]

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