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New model retail metrics

A New Model of Retail Metrics: Getting the Numbers Right

As a market researcher, I have always been intrigued by what is known as the “observer effect,” whereby the mere observation of a phenomenon changes the phenomenon observed. I am keenly aware of it when I design a survey instrument. What’s measured takes on the utmost importance, but when the wrong variables are measured, no […]

Beauty Business Trends

The Future of the Beauty Market Described in these Six Trends

Today the global beauty industry is a $532 billion business. The U.S. currently is the world’s largest beauty market, with about 20% share, followed by China (13%) and Japan (8%). While projections for growth vary, most agree it will continue to advance at a 5%-to-7% compound-annual-growth-rate to reach or exceed $800 billion by 2025. Even if the […]

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Corporate board room

Why work with a Marketing Consultant?

This post contributed by my American Marketing Group partner, Paul Friederichsen. Sometimes you just need experience, perspective, and creativity on your side at the strategic level. Having the right partner can either validate and enhance the direction you’re headed or help you with a much-needed course correction. Would you ask, “why work with an accountant?” […]