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Louis Vuitton x NBA

Louis Vuitton x NBA: Good Play or a Step Out of Bounds?

Luxury brands have long had an affiliation with sports, but it’s largely been to elite sports like golf, tennis, polo and other equestrian events, motor sports and sailing—not so much rough-and-tumble team sports like football, soccer or basketball. Those team sports have largely been the province of Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and Puma, a brand […]

Royal Sussex brand

What’s Next for Harry and Meghan’s Sussex Royal Brand?

For years the royals have been a cash cow for the British economy and its merchants. In 2017 the global Brand Finance firm estimated the annual contribution of the royal family at £1.8 billion ($2.33 billion), including £500 million in tourism, £193 million in Royal Warrants (official endorsements for over 800 brands used by the […]

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Corporate board room

Why work with a Marketing Consultant?

This post contributed by my American Marketing Group partner, Paul Friederichsen. Sometimes you just need experience, perspective, and creativity on your side at the strategic level. Having the right partner can either validate and enhance the direction you’re headed or help you with a much-needed course correction. Would you ask, “why work with an accountant?” […]

Public relations power

Help for Brands Looking to Spread the Word

In survey after survey that Unity Marketing conducts with brands and retailers, word-of-mouth marketing inevitably rises to the top as both their most used and most effective marketing medium.  Word-of-mouth has credibility unmatched by any other. Unlike paid advertising and marketing messages pushed out by brands and retailers, word-of-mouth communicates authentic news that the one […]