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Marketing Consulting for Businesses that Want to Get BIG!

Big business marketing consulting tailored to the needs — and budgets — of small-to-mid-sized businesses You’ve created a product, new service, business concept, but it hasn’t found traction yet.  You have a great concept to share with the market. What you don’t have is marketing and branding expertise.  You need marketing to attract new customers […]

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Black Friday 2015 Was Black Indeed This Year

Early results are in:  Black Friday was a wash out!  Research firm ShopperTrak reports that retail sales were down 10% this past “Black Friday.” Some pundits blame the Friday downturn on sales shifting to Thanksgiving, but ShopperTrak says sales were down then too and by the same percentage. Retailers’ remaining hope is that internet sales […]

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Every Report Can Be a Presentation

Every Report Can Be a Presentation Have you ever bought a research report, then faced the daunting challenge of pulling out the most important data for your business and make it actionable?   Then there’s the added challenge of having to summarize it to share the information with your team?  It’s a challenge indeed. Every […]

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Blue Nile: Internet Disruptor Makes the Virtual, Real

Founded in 1999, Blue Nile set out to disrupt the way people buy diamonds, with a special focus on the engagement ring bridal market, skimming the cream off of traditional jewelry stores’ business. The idea of selling engagement rings online grew directly from founder Mark Vadon’s personal experience trying to buy an engagement ring.  After […]

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West Elm Knows What HENRYs Want — You Can Too!

Williams-Sonoma Inc. just released its corporate quarterlies.  The company reports that its third-quarter revenues rose 7.8% and profits were up 8.6%.  But not all of the Williams-Sonoma brands could boast such great news.  The luxury-leaning Williams-Sonoma flagship brand was up a measly 1.2%, while mass-market targeted Pottery Barn eked out 2% growth.  West Elm, its […]