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Retailers Need More Sense, as in Multi-Sensory Marketing

While brick-and-mortar retailers wring their hands about the sad state of affairs in physical retail, they may be overlooking the most powerful competitive weapon at their disposal and one that e-commerce retailers cannot replicate: their ability to engage shoppers’ human dimension through their five senses. Shedding light on the power of multi-sensory engagement in retail […]

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4 Powerful Digital Marketing Strategies for Retailers

This post is contributed by my Retail Rescue partner, Christopher P. Ramey Most retailers, from locally-owned specialty retailers to the national chains, understand the power and importance of having an omni-channel marketing strategy. Some two-thirds of shoppers research products online before setting foot inside a retail store, according to Retail Dive Consumer Survey. In their […]

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Help for Retailers and Brands that Sell Through Them

Retail is at a tipping point. Don’t be deceived by “fake news” that retail is thriving. Rather, it is undergoing massive restructuring and many retailers and brands are being swept under by the changes. While it’s true that retail sales grew 2.9% during the first half of 2019 — 3.5% including motor vehicles and gas […]