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If I Owned a Jewelry Store…

I’d want it to be an extraordinarily different kind of jewelry store.  I’d want it located on an active ‘Main Street’ surrounded by other extraordinary shops, boutiques, pubs, restaurants and other places that attract guests with fun things to do and see.  I’d want my store to be an exciting place where people can experience […]


BrewDog Beer Has Big Plans Brewing for America

Scotland-based BrewDog brewery is a different kind of company that has a very different way of doing things. The genius is in the beer. If building a local world-class brewery in 10 short years, ready to play on an international stage, is the goal, then, to paraphrase, “I’ll have what they’re having.” But the genius […]

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Got a New Product or Business? Here’s Help

Congratulations!  You’ve designed a new product that you are sure will be a big hit.  Or you have an idea for a new business that is going to answer a previously unfilled need. You love your idea.  Obviously, since you’ve invested time, effort and often a great deal of money, trying to bring it to […]

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J. Crew and Ralph Lauren: The Hard Lessons Consumers Are Teaching The Fashion Industry

The recent management upheaval at J. Crew bears many similarities to those at Ralph Lauren Corporation, besides the obvious difference that as a public company, Ralph Lauren’s struggles are more transparent. Both companies have been led by fashion industry visionaries, who for years had the golden touch bringing to market clothing that American consumers, especially […]

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Meet Your New Barista: Ralph Lauren

One of the more puzzling things in the recent Ralph Lauren Corporation announcement of the closing of its flagship Polo store in Manhattan on Fifth Avenue and 55th Street was its plans to expand its Ralph’s Coffee franchise. Clearly, it’s an effort to insert new customer experiences into the company’s stores, as it has had […]