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Is Your Marketing Department on a ‘Fast-Food’ Diet?

Back in 1954 in the classic business book, The Practice of Management, Peter Drucker wrote: Yet how many businesses manage, staff and budget their marketing departments as their ultimate competitive weapon? Is the business failing to thrive because the marketing department lacks the proper ‘nutrition’ in the form of market research to use to create […]


What Price Ignorance? You Can’t Afford It!

Remember the scene from the Marx Brothers’ classic Animal Crackers, where Groucho as Captain Spaulding and Chico as Emanuel Ravelli discuss the price for his band to perform at Mrs. Rittenhouse’s party:  Spaulding: What do you fellows get an hour? Ravelli: Oh, for playing we getta ten dollars an hour. Spaulding: I see…What do you get for […]


Marketing Consulting for Businesses that Want to Get BIG!

Big business marketing consulting tailored to the needs — and budgets — of small-to-mid-sized businesses You’ve created a product, new service, business concept, but it hasn’t found traction yet.  You have a great concept to share with the market. What you don’t have is marketing and branding expertise.  You need marketing to attract new customers […]

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