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Shinola Can Thank HENRYs for Its Success

Yesterday’s New York Times published a story about Shinola, famous for its ‘Made in Detroit’ watches, bicycles and leather goods. It profiled how the company kickstarted a renaissance of growth and prosperity in Detroit. Reporter Alex Williams wrote: As recently as a few years ago, when Mr. Kartsotis started his company [Shinola] known for its […]

How to Connect your Brand with Your Best Target Customer Online

Unity Marketing provides focused consumer insights to help your business thrive in the online world A client recently came to Unity Marketing because they wanted to make a big splash with a new online website rich in content.  They had questions about the content strategy, what information it should communicate and how best to engage […]

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Why Maker’s 46 Is Hitting the Mark with Affluent Bourbon Lovers

For decades, the tried-and-true method for selling a luxury good, like an alcoholic beverage, has been the celebrity endorsement. Think of the classic Art Deco “L’Instant Taittinger” advertisement featuring Grace Kelly. Breathtaking in its long lines and sophisticated atmosphere, it clearly indicates that those who buy Taittinger champagne will live a life of glamour and […]