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Need Better, More Up-To-Date Information On Luxury Consumers To Plan Your Next Moves? Free Trial

Over the last three years, the luxury market has experienced a whirlwind of change. After rising 7 percent in 2019 before the pandemic, it suffered a steep decline in 2020, only to bounce back with spectacular growth through 2021 and 2022.

Now the economy is under threat again with the banking crisis, rising interest rates, fluctuating stock market and massive layoffs hitting the tech and banking sectors, sources for high-paying jobs. It’s sure to ripple through the luxury market as it did back in the 2008/2009 Great Recession.

Luxury brands depend on affluent consumers and their propensity to spend to see them through the challenging times ahead. Given the headwinds impacting their prime prospects – High-Net Worth consumers and the high-earning-not-rich-yet HENRYs – companies need the most up-to-date, statistically-reliable and valid insights to plan their next moves.

The Research The Affluent Luxury Tracker (RTALT) can deliver it.

Introducing Research The Affluent Luxury Tracker

To prepare, the Washington, DC-based Affluent Consumer Research Company has built a continuous daily tracking database of trends from affluent individuals in the US with 6,000 interviews a year.

Research the Affluent Luxury Tracker (RTALT) is a powerful resource for brands and agencies, aimed at fueling competitive strategies and gaining a unique understanding of affluent opinion, behavior, interests, preferences, brand loyalty, and consumer journeys.

With a forward-looking focus, the RTALT will alert you to changes that will impact High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI), a notoriously hard segment to keep your pulse on. The HNWI represent only about 20 percent of luxury brand customers but account for 70 percent of brand sales.

We Have the Luxury Market Covered

Our sample includes a comprehensive look across the luxury consumer market divided by spending potential and spanning the generations:

All Luxury Categories Accounted For

The RTALT has every nook and cranny in the luxury market covered in its 29 tracked categories, plus if yours is missing, it can be added:

  • Consumable “Little” Luxuries, like beauty, confections, craft spirits, gourmet foods, tobacco products and wine.
  • Personal Luxury Goods, such as fashion accessories/leather, apparel, personal electronics, jewelry and timepieces.
  • Home Luxury Goods and Services, notably exterior and interior home renovations, furniture/home decor, home electronics, kitchen appliances, original artwork, real estate, and security systems.
  • Luxury Experiences, including beauty services and treatments, concierge medical services, cruises and yacht vacations, hotel/resorts, premium cabin seating and private jet travel.
  • Experiential Goods, such as firearms, automobiles and recreational vehicles.

Multiple Packages Available

With the expertise of Chandler Mount, founder of the Affluent Consumer Research Company following ten years heading up YouGov’s Affluent Perspective research practice, and Pamela Danziger, Unity Marketing, senior retail contributor and author of Meet the HENRYs: The Millennials the Millennials that Matter Most for Luxury Brands and Putting the Luxe Back in Luxury, the RTALT can meet your on-going affluent research needs.

Affordably priced packages include single reports, yearly subscriptions, custom primary research, and Flash polls for immediate feedback. And insights and analysis can be provided by the RTALT team or data can be supplied directly for in-house analysis.

Connect today for a free trial or to learn more about our research services to the luxury market.

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