Best gift idea ever

How to Create Customer Curiosity? This is what I am talking about!

Retailers need to use the power of curiosity to magnetically draw customers into the store and down the aisles to fully explore the wonderful product experiences offered.  Curiosity is one of the essential qualities that transform a store into a shop that POPs!

In a visit to Morristown, NJ, my husband and I took an after-dinner stroll and happened upon this shop on a side street.  The sign immediately captured my attention and drew me in.  I didn’t know what the initials “BGIE” meant and had to satisfy my curiosity.

Best gift idea ever


As I got closer, I saw it read “Best Gift Idea Ever,” which was even more curious since I wanted to know what exactly the best gift idea ever was.  Then as I moved up to the window, again I was surprised to see it was a framed collection of clever photographs that spelled out a name or special message.  Yes, indeed it was the “BGIE” – personalized framed pictures that creatively spell out the recipient’s name or special interest.

BGIE provides all the tools one needs – pictures, mats and frames — to create their own special best gift ever for that special someone, like this one which spells out “Madison.”

MADISON framed

This little shop had nailed curiosity with a vengeance – Curious name, curious shop window, and curious pictures because the images are interesting and take some creative engagement to figure out what they mean.  The result:  Curiosity satisfied and a happy customer who wants to share this great gift idea with that someone special.

People are curious by nature and shop owners need to use it to draw customers into the store to satisfy it.  Admittedly, BGIE has a built-in curiosity advantage, but every store can engage the natural curiosity of customers.

The key is to think creatively in window displays to engage curiosity from the street… Merchandise in the store with displays crafted to stimulate customers’ curiosity that invite shoppers to engage….Give shoppers interesting things to see, do and experience in your store.

It will drive sales and grow your business.  Plus it invites shoppers to share their interesting experience discovered in your shop with their friends, as this newlywed couple did.

bgie picture


Get more ideas about how to grow your retail business – Make Yours a shop that POPs!

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The most important thing retailers need to understand is that success in retail today is less about WHAT they sell, and more about HOW they sell it.  Shops that POP! will help you achieve extraordinary retail success.

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