How L’Oreal Paris Targets the Age of Affluence — When Being 70 Is the New Sexy!

As the Baby Boom becomes the face of affluence, beauty marketers must prepare to court the mature market in new ways With the leading edge of the Baby Boom turning 69 this year, we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing mature faces in advertising.  Everything from cars to cookware is advertised with the Baby Boomers in […]

Why Maker’s 46 Is Hitting the Mark with Affluent Bourbon Lovers

For decades, the tried-and-true method for selling a luxury good, like an alcoholic beverage, has been the celebrity endorsement. Think of the classic Art Deco “L’Instant Taittinger” advertisement featuring Grace Kelly. Breathtaking in its long lines and sophisticated atmosphere, it clearly indicates that those who buy Taittinger champagne will live a life of glamour and […]

Millennials & Their Luxury Aspirations

The consumer market is poised to experience the biggest generational shift in wealth and affluence since the Baby Boomers emerged as the core target market. The Boomers, born from 1946-1964 and numbering about 76 million, are still a force to be reckoned with in the consumer market, but a reported 10,000 Boomers will retire every […]

Art Marketers Must Capture the Emerging "Creative Class"

Art Marketers Must Capture the Emerging “Creative Class”

Marketing art requires understanding the young, urban dwellers Marketers need to aim for the young, urban dwellers who may not have the money yet to buy masterpieces, but have the passion to build an art collection. Attendees at the recent Art Basel show in Miami Beach were witness to a display of affluence. According to […]

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Cocooning in new luxury style

Affluent Americans Are “Cocooning” in a New Luxury Style that Combines Fashion and Function

For Home Furnishings Marketers… New Research Reveals How to Grow Your Business by Targeting the Top 20% The U.S. home furnishings market underwent a major overhaul during the recession. Today’s home furnishings customers are constructing a new home furnishings market that suits their preferred method of shopping and new styles of decorating. Unity Marketing’s latest […]

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