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The Ultimate Guide to Greeting Card, Stationery, Gift Wrap & Party Goods and the Paper Crafting Markets

(Unity Marketing is updating this study for 2012. Click this link to learn more about the new greeting card, stationery and paper products study planned.)

The market for greeting cards is a tough one in today’s environment with consumers having so many faster, easier and in many cases cheaper ways to send a greeting. Times have gotten even tougher as a result of the current recession, with consumers looking to cut spending anywhere they can.

Many cultural trends are afoot that are changing consumers’ demand for greeting cards, but one thing is for certain. The business of selling traditional greeting cards is only going to get harder as consumers turn to newer, faster and more user-friendly communications alternatives.

In a tough market, the competition is getting even tougher as leading retail brands — American Greetings, Carlton Cards and Papyrus — consolidated in 2009 and leading greeting card and stationary brands — Schurman Fine Paper?s wholesale division and Recycled Greetings — came under American Greetings leadership.

This report details the findings of a consumer survey conducted in November 2009 among 1,436 recent buyers of one or more paper goods products used to communicate, express oneself, celebrate and to craft. These paper goods include:

  • Greeting cards, specifically pre-printed greeting cards, note cards with non-preprinted greetings; boxed greeting or note cards; Christmas cards; pre-printed invitations, thank you cards; custom-printed cards, invitations, etc.;
  • Stationery,such as writing paper, social stationery, business stationery, specialty paper for stationery uses, special paper for computers including photograph printing from computer, decorated paper and/or cards, such as print-your-own cards or invitations, and/or full-sized 8 1/2 x 11 paper, print-your-own banners, including special papers for computer printing, etc.
  • Gifting and Party Supplies, such as paper gift wrap, gift bags, ribbons and bows, party ware and paper party supplies, etc.
  • Paper Crafting and Hobby Supplies, such as scrapbooking supplies and kits, make-your-own card supplies and kits, stamps and stamp supplies, stickers, photo albums, memory albums, like baby, wedding memory books, specialty paper
  • Other Paper and Stationery Items, such as blank books and journals, decorative hanging calendars, date books, specialty pens and writing instruments, such as fountain pens, calligraphy supplies, desk accessories, etc.

Research Objectives

The objective of this study is to provide greeting card, social stationery and other stationery products, gift wrap and party goods and paper crafting product marketers and retailers insights about the consumer market for their products. (Note: Throughout this report this entire range of products are described broadly as ‘stationery goods.’)

These consumer insights help marketers connect more effectively with their target market so that they create and sell more of the kinds of products that consumers really desire. Based upon research among recent stationery goods consumers, this report focuses on market opportunities available to product manufacturers and retailers to help them deliver products and services that satisfy the consumers’ craving for paper products to communicate, express oneself, celebrate and to craft.

With a focus on consumers, their buying behavior, needs, desires and preferences, this research study includes research data and statistics about:

  • Stationery Goods Market Size and Growth: What is the size of the overall stationery goods market, as well as the six key product segments (e.g. greeting cards, social stationery, custom-printed cards and stationery, gift wrap and party goods, paper crafting products and other stationery products) and how rapidly is it growing? How is the stationery goods market segmented by type of product?
  • Demographics of the Stationery Goods Market: What are the demographic characteristics of people who buy stationery goods products? How is stationery goods buying behavior influenced by demographic segments (e.g., gender, age, household income (HHI), size, composition, ethnicity/race, education, etc.)?
  • Stationery Goods Buying Behavior: What are the primary characteristics of the consumers? buying behavior related to stationery goods in general and the four product segments (e.g. greeting cards, social stationery, custom printed stationary and cards, gift wrap and party goods, paper crafting products and other stationery products) in particular? Why do they buy these goods and how do consumers’ motivations different by product category segment? Where do they shop for the different types of stationery products; what factors influence their decision making; how much do they spend buying each of the stationery goods product segments and across the entire stationery goods category; what is the role of brand in stationery goods product selections and shopping choices? How do different demographic segments differ in their shopping and buying behavior?
  • Psychographic Profile and Segmentation of the Greeting Card Markets: A psychographic profile of the greeting card buyers is developed in this report. The profiles identify four different types or personalities of consumers of greeting card. These profiles identify different drives and motivations found among consumers in purchasing greeting cards; what factors are more or less important in driving greeting card purchasing decisions; and how can greeting card marketers and retailers better understand the hearts and minds of their consumers. In essence, we discover ‘why people buy greeting cards.’

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