Every Report Can Be a Presentation


Have you ever bought a research report, then faced the daunting challenge of pulling out the most important data for your business and make it actionable?  

Then there’s the added challenge of having to summarize it to share the information with your team?  It’s a challenge indeed.

Empower your team with a presentation customized to your needs

Too often, clients that need the detailed data and information contained in a Unity Marketing report decide the time and expense of digesting it and sharing it across a group is just not worth it.  Not to mention, they may not have the expertise to read research data and draw actionable conclusions.  Let us help!

We did the research.  We wrote the reports.  We are experts at drawing conclusions from the research to make an impact for your business.  Every report that Unity Marketing offers can be transformed into a presentation for your group.  And we will customize the presentation specifically for the needs of your business and afterwards lead a roundtable discussion to bring the research findings into sharp focus for your team. 

Whether you compete in the home furnishing market, are a retailer or luxury brand, or need information about the gifting market, marketing real estate to high-end clients, or need insight and understanding about the fashion or jewelry customers, or want the latest demographic statistics and implications for the future Millennials consumer segment, Unity Marketing has a vast library of detailed research data.  Let us synthesize the data and turn it into a powerful presentation that you can put to work for business.

At Unity Marketing we lead with research. Always. We know the value of the right research delivered in a succinct, actionable way.  It is essential in today’s rapidly changing consumer market.   Don’t opt out of having the latest market research to power your marketing efforts, to attract new customers and build a brand that will last.  Let us do the research work, so you can turn it into marketing and branding success.

To discuss hiring market research expert Pam Danziger to digest the results of Unity Marketing’s research for your team or to speak at your next company event or conference meeting, please email  pam@unitymarketingonline.com  or call (717) 336-1600.