Solving the Mystery of Millennials for Interior Designers White Paper



The millennial generation is the largest in U.S. history, one with distinct traits and growing spending power that will make it the most influential segment of the consumer market for home marketers.

This white paper unravels the mystery of marketing interior design services and home goods to millennials following the strategies of experts in solving mysteries — that of the detective.  It examines the millennial generation from these key perspectives:

  • Means – Who can afford it?
  • Opportunity – Past purchase behavior often predicts future behavior
  • Motive – Who has the need, who has the desire?

It reveals the demographics of the millennial generation, who are rapidly reaching the age when income reaches its lifelong peak.

It shows how the millennials are also reaching the age when home ownership rates more than double. And when the millennials reach affluent incomes and buy a home, their interest in home decorating and remodeling projects explodes.

Designers’ challenge in marketing their services to this generation is to drive demand, which means presenting a value proposition that is customized to the millennials motivations and mindset.

This white paper will give interior designers a leg up in marketing to the next consumer generation — the affluent millennials with the need and desire to create the home environment to which they they aspire.