Penetrate America for Home Furnishings Brands White Paper



Home furnishings brands seeking to penetrate the American luxury market face five key challenges:

  1. Sheer size and scope of the U.S. market — The U.S. economy dwarfs that of every other in the world. To grab your share, you need experts embedded in this most complex, but lucrative market.
  2. Entrenched competition — American retailers and brands are at the top of their game – You have to be too!
  3. American style preferences and price expectations — American affluents are ever-so demanding. The AMG team can assure your product styles and prices fit the U.S. affluent consumers’ taste and spending power.
  4. Advertising clutter, cost, and media fragmentation — Reaching your prime target market is tricky. AMG knows what works best and what doesn’t to reach the best audience for your brand so that you make a connection.
  5. Trade show events and show choices — Sorry to say, but introducing your brand at a couple of trade shows and calling that a “penetration plan” is bound to fail. The AMG team knows the trades shows and how to make them work for you so that you don’t throw good money after bad.

The American Marketing Group’s principals – Chris Ramey, Paul Friederichsen and Pam Danziger – break them down and provide expert guidance in this new white paper.

“We can help your brand handle all five challenges,” Friederichsen says. “We use the most up-to-date research to give you a competitive edge. We know the most effective ways to brand and position your products to make U.S. buyers aware, desire, and buy them. We communicate, design, and package your brand’s message to appeal to the high-spending U.S. consumer.”

“The AMG team are ‘boots on the ground’ with expertise, experience, and the skills necessary to launch your U.S market penetration initiative,” Ramey adds. “We can be your virtual marketing, advertising, and strategic planning office in the U.S.”