The Corporateneur Plan: Your Roadmap From Midcareer Professional To Entrepreneur


How to make the leap from corporate mid-career professional
to entrepreneur: a lifetime of invaluable lessons from Ken Rohl
who made the leap at age 50 and sold his business to a
Fortune 500 company.

In The Corporateneur Plan: Your Roadmap from Midcareer Professional
to Entrepreneur
, Ken Rohl and Pamela N. Danziger draw from Ken’s extensive years of experience as a CEO and entrepreneur to create a roadmap for executives who leave successful careers in the corporate world, choosing to take the uncharacteristic and risk-filled road into entrepreneurship.

This book shares stories and learnings from the business journey of Ken Rohl lifetime building an extraordinarily successful presence in ‘white space’ he identified in the luxury home market. And it’s grounded in research to elevate The Corporateneur Plan from personal anecdotes to a guidebook of what every aspiring entrepreneur needs to know before cutting the chord from their corporate careers and setting out on their own journey.

As thought leaders, Ken and Pam use the term corporateneur to define those entrepreneurs who see opportunities in the market that they want to capitalize upon and realize that as a corporateneur, you must leave the security of your job behind to start your own company and follow your vision. The book is meant to serve as a roadmap for those ready to begin their journey.

The Corporateneur Plan has become an Amazon Bestseller in the Knowledge Capital, Business Mentoring and Coaching, and Self-Employment categories and it gets honorable mention in Free Enterprise and Capitalism too. 

And here’s what a reviewer had to say:

The Corporateneur Plan is a transformative guide for professionals seeking to transition into entrepreneurship. This comprehensive book offers practical strategies, step-by-step processes, and real-life examples to empower readers on their journey.  The writing style is engaging and accessible, making complex concepts easy to understand and apply.  The Corporateneur Plan is a valuable resource that equips readers with the tools and insights needed to successfully navigate the transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship.