Research The Affluent Luxury Tracker

The Research The Affluent Luxury Tracker (RTALT) is a monthly survey conducted among affluent and HNW consumers tracking their financial status, luxury purchase behavior, lifestyles and values. Plus on-demand Flash surveys are available to give clients immediate information and insights into their most valuable customers.

The RTALT is sponsored by Chandler Mount, CEO of Washington, DC-based Affluent Consumer Research Company following ten years heading up YouGov’s Affluent Perspective research practice, and Pamela Danziger, Unity Marketing, senior retail contributor and author of Meet the HENRYs: The Millennials the Millennials that Matter Most for Luxury Brands and Putting the Luxe Back in Luxury.

Unlike other marketing research studies that look back to what came before, the RTALT is forward-looking to identify trends in spending, attitudes and purchase behaviors that will impact growth, revenues and profitability of companies that depend upon the outsized spending power of affluent consumers.

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Research The Affluent Luxury Tracker