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Get a Free Analysis of Where Your Brand Stands with Affluent Consumers ($2,500 value)

With a subscription to The Luxury Report, we will dig into our databases of affluent consumer research and deliver detailed information about your customer and your brand's product or service category customer.  Included in the analysis will be a mini-Marketing Audit covering the 4 P's of marketing -- product, price, promotion, placement/distribution -- plus the missing P -- the people who are your best target customers. Read More 



Luxury American-Style
The emerging luxury markets and their rapid growth, like China, may make the news, but the U.S. luxury market remains the world's largest.  It used to be that "if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere," in the USA, that is.  But not anymore. 

Luxury is culturally specific and what is luxury in London, Paris, Tokyo or Hong Kong is not necessarily luxury in the United States.  A new style of luxury is evolving in America.  To succeed marketers need to understand the mindset, shopping and purchase behavior of America's 25 million affluent households.  Read more  


Snapshot Reports Help Marketers Assess their Position with Highest-Potential Customers -- The Affluent

Understanding where a company and its brand fits into the top quintile consumer's lifestyle is critical to marketing success  Read more 

How to Jump Start Your Marketing of Home Furnishings in Face of Customer Austerity?
By understanding your best customer prospects – the affluent consumer segment – and what kind of products, services and shopping experiences they want and need  Read more 

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