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Affluents Will Travel in New Luxury Style This Year
Learn about the prospects and opportunities for serving the luxury traveler in 2015 Read more 

Gift Shoppers Are Looking for New and Different Gifting Experiences
Unity Marketing can help retailers and marketers get out in front of the shifts in gift shoppers' behavior Read more 


Five Trends Shaping the Affluent Consumer Market in 2015

Unity Marketing publishes a new report that describes the key trends for luxury brands in 2015 and beyond  Read more  


Affluent Consumers Are Looking for Understated Luxury in 2015  
How James Avery Jewelry is meeting that desire  Read more 


Art Marketers Must Capture the "Creative Class"
Marketing art requires understanding the young, urban dwellers who many not have the money yet to buy masterpieces, but have the passion to build an art collection  Read more 


Disruption Has Come to the Traditional Art Gallery Business
Latest insights from Unity Marketing about the new art consumer will guide retail art galleries to greater success in 2015   Read more 

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