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You Can’t Afford to Wait Till Christmas, Get Your Gifting Strategies On Now!

While the annual year-end holiday gifting season receives the lion’s share of marketer and retailer attention when it comes to the gifting market, the reality is that gifting represents a significant marketing opportunity throughout the whole year.
Out of the typical gifters’ annual gifting budget, Christmas accounts for slightly less than half of the total.  The majority of gift purchases are made the rest of the year.
Gifting represents an important year-round selling opportunity. You can’t wait for Christmas any longer.

Marketers Can’t Afford to Wait to Get their Best Gift- Selling Strategies On

 Conventional wisdom in retail is that on ‘Black Friday,’ the day after Thanksgiving, the bottom line of retailers’ account books goes from red ink to black as annual losses turn to profits.  It might have been true once, but not anymore.   Shoppers’ behavior has changed.
4Q GAFO Sales
Back in 1995, nearly one-third of revenues of the typical retailer selling gifts was generated in the last three months of the year.  In 2014 it had dropped to 29.4%   The fourth quarter is not the money maker it once was for retailers.

The incredible build up retailers make around the Christmas holiday shopping season is no longer paying off.

Yearly retail sales quarter-to-quarter are flattening out and retailers’ chance to sell to the gift giver isn’t an end of the year opportunity any longer, but one that extends throughout the entireyear.

Marketers and retailers need to understand the gift buying and shopping behavior of customers year-round  in order to attract them and meet their needs with suitable gift ideas and gift shopping.

 Get Your Best Gifting Strategies On

Success in marketing depends on understanding the customer.  If you are in the business of gifts, then Unity Marketing’s new Gifting Report 2015  is a report you can’t afford to miss.  It contains the latest results of a survey of n=1,649 gift customers (average income $97,900).
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The new gifting study provides a five-year perspective on trends in the gifting market.  It reveals people’s favorite gifts, favorite places to shop, what holidays and occasions they give gifts.  Plus it includes an in depth section devoted to how gifters use the internet, so you can plan how to put this vital channel of distribution to work for your business.
The report uncovers the gifting customers’ demographics, purchase behavior and consumer psychology in order to provide a comprehensive view of the best target customers for your gifting strategies.
Complete the form below to download a sample of  Unity Marketing’s Gifting Report.   You  need the facts, figures, insights and strategies it reveals to profit in the $131.3 billion gifting market.

Gift Retailing in 21st Century Style

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