What’s Hot, What’s Not for Christmas Decorating in 2015

New report from Unity Marketing makes sure marketers are on the right side of the holiday decorating trends. In a study of the trends in the Christmas decorations market, this report digs deeply into the decorating traditions, spending habits and preferences of those who decorate their homes, inside and out, for Christmas, including customers who recently bought Christmas decorations.

April 09, 2015 — Some 80% of U.S. households decorate their home for Christmas, Hanukkah or other winter holiday, according to a new study of the holiday decorations market from Unity Marketing. “In an increasingly diverse America, it is hard to think of any cultural tradition that cuts across so many different American households, regardless of age, income, marital status or life stage,” says Pam Danziger, president of Unity Marketing and lead researcher on the new study says.

“But while Christmas decorating is widely practiced, marketers and retailers are not making the most of that huge potential market for Christmas decorations, because those most likely to purchase new decorations are much more narrowly defined demographically,” Danziger explains.

The challenge for marketers, designers and retailers that sell holiday decorations is how to turn decorators — the potential target market — into customers. This new report,The Christmas Decorations Market Report 2015: Ultimate Guide to the Consumer Market for Christmas Decorations, provides a road map to doing just that.

“Marketers need to bridge the gap between this huge potential market of decorators and turn them into active buyers,” Danziger explains.

Marketers should use social media to inspire Christmas decorators and drive them to the store to shop and buy

Social media, it turns out, is one of the most powerful tools in marketers’ arsenal to bridge the gap between the huge potential market (i.e. those who decorate for Christmas) and actual purchasers (i.e. those who bought decorations for past holidays).

Danziger explains, “In the survey decorators rate social media ahead of traditional media, such as magazines and television, as a source of new decorating ideas. Marketers need to make social media a critical part of this year’s communications strategy. It’s important for brands, such as Department 56, Christopher Radko and Kurt Adler; and for national retailers, like Target, Lowe’s, Walmart, Home Depot and Bed Bath & Beyond and its Christmas-specialty chain, Christmas Tree Shops. Social media is especially small independent retailers that need to inspire shoppers in their local community to visit their store for decorating inspiration.”

This report includes eye-opening statistics and detailed case studies to demonstrate how a marketer offering decorating products can thrive in today’s value-oriented seasonal decorations market.

It reveals: 

Size of the Christmas decorations market, trajectory of growth and distribution of sales across product types and channels of distribution.

How Americans decorate their homes for Christmas, the styles they favor, and where they put their time and money in decorating for the holidays.

The demographics that distinguish the decorations customers from the huge potential target market of Christmas decorators and how to transform decorators into active customers.

What Christmas decorations and styles are hot for 2015?

How to make sure that the designs offered match the decorators desires?

Understand the four distinctive personalities of holiday decorators and how to appeal to each personality’s special decorating tastes.

Where customers will shop for decorations and how to attract the attention of the best prospects for decorations sales?

How to build a relationship with the Christmas decorators passionate about decorating for the holidays?

How to use social media to inspire decorators to shop and to buy?

Click here to download an overview of the report, introduction and methodology.

About the Study

This report focuses on the results of a survey conducted among some 700 consumers with incomes from $25k and above about their most recent Christmas decorations purchases. Out of the total sample, a majority of those surveyed, some 56%, reported making a decorations purchase to celebrate the Christmas or winter holidays in 2013 or making a purchase immediately after the Christmas holiday.

The results of this survey is compared with an in-depth survey among consumers of seasonal decorations fielded in January 2012. The 2012 survey contains data about other holiday and seasonal decorations as well as Christmas.

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