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Tiffany Knows the Power of Gifting to Build a Brand

Deloitte, the international management consulting firm, just issued a research report about the changing tastes and behavior of affluent luxury consumers. Among the key take aways from the report is one about the power of targeting the gift market. The report states:

Gifting requires careful consideration, but it also provides an entry-point opportunity and high sales potential for luxury brands. Also, gifting presents brands with a chance to continuously promote gift ideas throughout the year to keep their wares top of mind for birthdays, anniversaries, small-scale holidays and other milestone occasions.”

They must have read Unity Marketing’s new Gifting Report, which details the enormous market potential for gifting not just at holiday time, but throughout the rest of the year.

But what makes gift marketing so powerful for brands is that it is a unique marketing opportunity to touch two target consumers at once — the gift buyer who makes the purchase and the gift recipient who recieves the gift.

Look at the branding power that Tiffany has created through its signature robin’s-egg blue gift box.  No matter what’s inside or how much it costs — diamond engagement ring, gold anniversary band, silver baby rattle or logo key fob — that Tiffany box makes the gift special and its presentation an emotional experience.

The Tiffany brand enjoys the emotional afterglow from the proud, confident gift giver and the jubilent gift recipient.  Brands need to make gift marketing a priority.

Gifting Is an ‘Exponential’ Marketing & Branding Opportunity

Unlike other consumer marketing efforts which target the self-purchaser –or a marketplace of one–the gifting market is a unique opportunity for businesses to achieve exponential marketing by touching two customers in one transaction — the gift buyer and gift recipient.

Retailers that sell the gift can get the same branding benefits by delivering an outstanding gifting experience to both individuals as well.  A satisfying, emotionally-gratifying gifting experience for both giver and recipient presents an opportunity for retailers to build future loyalty with two customers through one purchase.

Gifting is an emotionally-charged chance for retailers and product manufacturers to connect directly with two target markets at once – that makes gifting a unique opportunity for exponential brand-building and marketing impact.

Brands and retailers need to make the most of every single gifting opportunity because it can create two brand loyalists through one sale.

Get Your Best Gifting Strategies On

Success in marketing depends on understanding the customer.  If you are in the business of gifts, then Unity Marketing’s new Gifting Report 2015  is a report you can’t afford to miss.  It contains the latest results of a survey of n=1,649 gift customers (average income $97,900).

The new gifting study provides a five-year perspective on trends in the gifting market.  It reveals people’s favorite gifts, favorite places to shop, what holidays and occasions they give gifts.  Plus it includes an in depth section devoted to how gifters use the internet, so you can plan how to put this vital channel of distribution to work for your business.

The report uncovers the gifting customers’ demographics, purchase behavior and consumer psychology in order to provide a comprehensive view of the best target customers for your gifting strategies.

Complete the form below to download a sample of Unity Marketing’s Gifting Report.   You  need the facts, figures, insights and strategies it reveals to profit in the $131.3 billion gifting market.

Gift Retailing in 21st Century Style

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