Heavy-Lifting Gifter: A Luxury Trend Report on Affluents Gift Purchases & Preferences



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This trend report gives marketers and retailers new insights into the affluent gift givers, the gifts they like to give and the types of shopping experiences they desire most when it comes to gift shopping. Based upon a survey of over 1,100 affluents who plan to purchase gifts for the 2013 holiday season, this study compares the affluent gifters behavior with those of the general population gifters uncovered in the Gifting Report 2012, published by Unity Marketing.

These affluent gifters are called the ‘heavy-lifting gifters’ because they spend about two times more purchasing holiday gifts than do the general population gift shoppers studied. Given affluents’ significantly greater spending power, marketers and retailers need to cultivate the affluent top 20 percent of customers. This report is designed to help marketers and retailers understand the mindset and special gifting needs of the affluent in order to better serve them with their brand and shopping experiences.

The following information about the affluent’s gifting behavior is included in this report, along with take action findings to help marketers and retailers use these insights to attract the affluent gifters to their brands and their stores:

  • Basic Gifting Information: Questions were asked about whether they are their household’s primary gifter; when they started shopping; how may people they buy gifts for, etc.
  • Gift Selections: Affluents planned gift purchases from Christmas 2013 across 9 different categories, including:
  • Consumables
  • Clothing & Fashion Accessories
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Personal Care
  • Home Furnishings
  • Giftables
  • Books, Toys, Recreational Goods, including non-electronic games
  • Electronics
  • Experiences
  • What features motivate specific gift category purchases
  • Gift Destinations: How they rate different types of destinations as a place to buy gifts including different General Merchandise Stores, different Specialty Stores, and Online/Direct
  • What features makes these types of stores favorite destinations
  • Spending & Trends: How much they plan to spend on gifts and how that compares with last year. Also questions about methods they will use to buy gifts, such as cash, credit cards, and what influences their payment choice, such as rewards, convenience, etc.

Unity Marketing’s general gifting survey provides a comparative context

To provide context and comparison to this study of the affluent gifters, results from this study are compared with those from a general population survey about Christmas gift purchases conducted in early 2012.

November 2013 (61 pages)

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