Affluent Shopper Trend Report: How to attract more high-potential affluent customers to your brand



Post-recession retail is in the doldrums. Attracting more affluents to your shopping destination is the key to future success. This Unity Marketing Affluent Shopper Trend Report examines the affluent shopper and why they shop. Through this undertanding retailers will have these answers:

  • How do I attract more customers who have money to spend into my store?
  • How do I appeal to the more moneyed customers who are not going to nickel and dime me to death?
  • Even though I don’t sell luxury, I want to appeal to those who can afford luxury?
  • How can I get the affluent to shop more often and to spend when they visit my store?
  • What are some innovative ways other retailers are succeeding with affluent shoppers?

Affluent shoppers with plenty of discretionary income to spend may be the key to driving sales and delivering profits to your retail door. Understanding their mindset is key to designing retail experiences that attract them to your retail destination.

Use this Report to Help Grow Your Retail Business or Your Business through Retailers

Based upon an April 2014 survey among n=1,436 affluent shoppers this report answers these critical questions:

  • What motivates affluent shoppers?
  • How can we create experiences that encourage affluents to shop, to shop more often and to spend more money?
  • How can we capture customers shopping in other places?
  • What important shopping experiences are you missing out on?

Plus to provide inspiration the report profiles a number of retailers that are doing a top notch job targetting the affluent shopper.

Internal CRM data tells you only about the customers you have, not the ones that walk by your doors. This new trend report fills that gap in your data.

Published: June 2014 (100+ pages) Subcription Price: $995

[The subscription price of this report can be applied toward an annual subscription to any of the modules of the Affluent Consumer Tracking Study (ACTS). Download a description of ACTS here.]


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