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Learn how to tap the spending power of affluent shoppers in clothing & fashion boutiques & websites

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Post-recession retail is in the doldrums.  The National Retail Federation (NRF) just downgraded their original forecast for retail growth in 2015.  The retail sales for GAFO stores (general merchandise, apparel, home furnishings and other retailers which fill the nation’s malls, shopping centers and main streets and a bellwether of trends in traditional retailing) is on track to grow an anemic 1.3% over 2014. 

Don’t get caught falling victim to this trend of shopper malaise. Attracting more affluents to your shopping destination is the key to future success.

GAFO Sales 2007-May 2015

Don’t get caught falling victim to this trend of shopper malaise.   Attracting more affluents to your shopping destination is the key to future success. This Unity Marketing Affluent Shopper Snapshot Report examines the affluent shopper and why they shop specifically in clothing and fashion boutiques, including the websites of these retailers.

Through this understanding retailers will have these answers:

  • How to attract more customers who have money and discretion to spend into the store?
  • How to appeal to the more moneyed customers who are not going to nickel-and-dime the retailer to death?
  • Even though the store may not sell luxury, how to appeal to those who can afford luxury?
  • How to get affluents to shop more often and to spend when they visit the store?
  • What are some innovative ways other retailers are succeeding with affluent shoppers?

Affluent shoppers with plenty of discretionary income to spend may be the key to driving sales and delivering profits to your clothing and fashion boutique door.  Understanding their mindset is key to designing retail experiences that attract them to the retail destination.

Use this Affluent Shopper Snapshot Report to Help Grow Your Retail Business

Based upon the Affluent Consumer Tracking Study (ACTS) Shopper Track Surveys conducted through 2014 and 2015, this report provides in-depth statistics about how and why affluents shop.

But more than just data, this report delivers analysis about what the key findings mean and how retailers can put the insights into action to more successfully market their stores and reach the affluent shoppers who hold the key to their growth and success.

It includes data and insights about:

  • What motivates affluent shoppers?
  • How to create experiences that encourage affluents to shop in your store, to shop more often and to spend more money?
  • How to capture customers shopping in other places?
  • What important shopping experiences you may be missing out on?

Plus the Affluent Shopper Snapshot report provides inspiration drawn from case studies of specific retailers that are doing a top notch job targeting the affluent shopper.

Internal CRM data tells you only about the customers you have, not the ones that walk by your doors. This new Affluent Shopper Snapshot report fills that gap in your research.

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