State of Luxury 2022: The Industry Insider’s Report



Edward Deming said it best: “In God we trust, but all others must bring data.” We live in the information age as we have evolved from our industrial-age past to our knowledge-economy future.

This report summarizes the findings from a survey among nearly 600 luxury industry executives and advertising and marketing agencies and consultants that serve the luxury industry. The survey was conducted at the end of 2021 looking forward to 2022. Historical data is also included for the survey conducted pre-pandemic covering 2020 and during the worst of it in 2021. It is the sixth annual survey of luxury insiders conducted by Unity Marketing, Luxury Daily and The Home Trust International.

The findings of this survey give insights into how your colleagues – and competitors – view the prospects, opportunities and challenges of the year ahead in luxury 2022.

Besides quantitative data about business performance, this 100+-page report, presented in easy-to-read powerpoint format, makes the data actionable and gives an in-depth understanding of the dynamics shaping the luxury market in 2022 and beyond.

This report puts a special emphasis on luxury marketing and branding and consumer insights, including:

  • The emergence of a younger, more intentional consumer and what they mean for luxury brands.
  • Five key forward-looking trends shaping the trajectory of the luxury market and how brands can respond.
  • Analysis of how the pandemic changed the ways luxury brands market to consumers, including both luxury companies’ and advertising and marketing agencies’ perspectives.
  • What marketing and advertising strategies are most impactful in attracting new customers and the challenges faced in the post-pandemic market, including both luxury companies’ and advertising and marketing agencies’ perspectives.

Here is a link to review the table of contents. 

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