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How Well Does Your Luxury Brand Score with the Affluent Consumers Who Really Matter?

Unity Marketing has teamed with E-Poll Market Research to deliver a luxury brand ranking study that gives marketers focused, actionable data about what really matters to them – Their Brand’s Appeal with Affluent Luxury Consumers.

Since 2003 Unity Marketing has been tracking the luxury consumers’ buying and spending habits. Unity’s Luxury Tracking Study surveys 1,200+ affluent luxury consumers every three months. Unity reports on what they buy, where they shop, how much they spend, and the brands they purchased. Further Unity Marketing publishes the LCI (Luxury Consumption Index) that measures affluent consumer confidence and trend toward future luxury spending.

Now Unity Marketing presents a new Luxury Brand Ranking service – Affluents Brand Appeal Index – which measures how well your brand measures up to affluent’s high expectations for quality and service. Specifically, the Luxury Brand Tracker measures:

  • Measure brand strength and equity among affluent and high-net worth consumers — How much does your brand appeal to the customers that really matter?
  • Recognize the drivers of brand preference — How high does your brand score as A Leader? Trend-setter? Smart? Sexy?
  • Benchmark against competitors and across categories — Is your brand more Innovative, Relevant, Luxurious than the competition?
  • Identify opportunities to extend brand — Does your brand have attributes that extend to new luxury goods and service categories?
  • Find brand partners that map core brand values — Which brand partnership would complement your brand?
  • Measure brand among key demographic targets — Awareness by affluent’s income, gender, age and level of wealth
  • Track marketing/advertising impact
  • Measure both brand awareness and usage

Report will detail your brand’s ranking within goods & service category, as well as read for entire luxury category and across categories, including:

  • Automotive
  • Wine & Spirits
  • Financial Services, Credit Cards, Insurance
  • Food & Dining
  • Health & Wellness
  • Home Furnishings & Home Appliances
  • Beauty, Cosmetics, Personal Care
  • Fashion
  • Electronics/Technology
  • Travel
  • Jewelry
  • Watches

Affluent respondents will be measured for their level of involvement in the luxury lifestyle to help you connect with highly involved affluents who enjoy luxury across most categories they purchase. That involvement is measured by attitudes such as:

  • “In whatever category I purchase, I tend to aim for the best of the best when I buy.”
  • “When I buy, the brand is more important to me than price.”
  • “I buy brands because they are highly regarded and have a well deserved reputation of quality”
  • “Selecting certain brands to buy is one way that I express myself.”
  • “I prefer to buy luxury brands because they offer the highest quality available.”
  • “Superior service is expected when you purchase luxury brands.”

Luxury Brand Tracker also measures awareness among the affluent consumers who really matter. You will discover how well recognized is your brand among different affluent demographics: Young vs. Mature Affluents; Aspirational vs. Ultra-Affluents; High Brand Involvement vs. Low. It also tracks past usage and likelihood to purchase brand in the future.

Subscription packages start at $7,500 for a syndicated survey. Exclusive subscriptions for a range of 15-20 brands also available.

Please call 717.336.1600 to discuss your special needs.


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