Greeting Card 2013: Snapshot Summary Report ($500)



This snapshot survey report contains a summary of the latest survey of greeting card customers conducted by Unity Marketing.

Results for each question included in the latest survey is presented with expert analysis by Pam Danziger about how marketers and retailers can use the findings to build their marketing effectiveness and grow their business.

These survey results update the Greeting Card Market 2013: The Ultimate Marketer’s Guide to the Greeting Card Consumer Market.  In that market report, Unity Marketing offers marketers and retailers accurate research data spanning more than five years, plus unbiased, in-depth analysis of the implications for the future.  In addition, Unity Marketing offers actionable strategies for greeting cards marketers based upon the latest survey findings and historical trends tracked over time. Unity Marketing’s research into the demographics, purchase behavior and mindset of the greeting card customer can prepare your company for the uncertainties that lie ahead for greeting card companies and retailers.

This snapshot survey summary gives you an overview of the latest insights into the greeting card consumer market. Unity Marketing’s lead researcher, Pam Danziger, reads the results of the latest greeting card survey and calls out key findings for marketers, product designers and retailers.

Price: $500

(Subscription to this snapshot survey report will be applied toward price of the final Greeting Card Market Report 2013)