Greeting Card Market 2013: The Ultimate Marketers’ Guide to the Greeting Card Consumer Market



The newly-updated Greeting Card Market 2013 report includes market size of the greeting card market, plus details about individual cards, boxed cards and customized greetings.  It tracks trends in the market for greeting cards from 2007, 2009 through 2013.

Unity Marketing has taken the results of a new 2013 survey among greeting card customers and compiled it with two previous surveys from 2007 and 2009 to provide a comprehensive view of the greeting card market. This greeting card market research report includes market size, including key segments of the greeting card market such as individual cards, boxed cards and customized greetings. It also studies trends in the channels of distribution as customers turn to new types of stores in which to buy greetings. It tracks historic trends in customers’ preferences for different types of cards, different themes, different formats, and special features, such as musical enhancements, ecologically-friendly inks and papers. This study also examines the four different personalities of greeting card customers and shares how marketers and retailers can maximize sales to each specific type of customers.

Three versions suited to each marketers’ need and budget are available:

  • Topline cross tab survey results –– Detailing answers by 500 recent greeting card buyers. Answers are cross tabbed by gender, age and income. You get the results and do your own analysis — $125 ($.25 per respondent)
  • Snapshot Summary Report — Unity Marketing’s lead researcher, Pam Danziger, reads the results of the latest greeting card survey and calls out key findings for marketers, product designers and retailers — $500
  • Greeting Card Market Report, 2013: The Ultimate Marketer’s Guide to the Greeting Card Market — Unity Marketing’s detail analysis of the trends in the greeting card market and industry. Includes historical perspective on the greeting card market — $2,500


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