Fine Dining Snapshot Report 2014 (with Affluents’ Restaurant Brand Preferences)



“Just the Facts, Ma’am” Report on the Affluent Consumer Market for Fine Dining Released

Unity Marketing has just released a short, but sweet report with key facts and figures on the luxury market for fine dining. Entitled the Fine Dining Snapshot Report 2014, this succinct trend report presents the busy marketer with “just the facts, ma’am” in order to help them assess opportunities and shifts in affluent consumers’ fine dining preferences and how much they are spending in the category.

It includes details, facts and figures taken from Unity Marketing’s Affluent Consumer Tracking Study,which is based upon quarterly surveys among 1,000-1,200 affluent consumers (incomes $100,000 and above) conducted throughout 2008-2013.

Contained in this new concise snapshot report are these essential facts and figures that can give direction to marketers’ business and strategic plans.

  • What types of fine dining experiences affluent consumers purchased and trends year-over-year both in terms of purchase incidence and spending.
  • Which demographic segments of affluent consumers are increasing their spending, and which are still cutting back on fine dining purchases.
  • What brands of high-end chain and celebrity chef restaurants are most popular with luxury consumers, including the high-income ultra-affluent consumers.

Plus the report includes critical data on the demographics of the affluent market to add perspective to luxury marketers’ understanding of their target market.

“This report is written specifically for marketers that want the most up-to-date and salient facts to help them understand the trends in the current market and ways they can address their challenges. Unlike Unity Marketing’s in-depth market research reports, this snapshot report gives the marketer the most important consumer data that will bring dimension to business planning. It doesn’t overwhelm the busy executive with a lot of excess baggage they don’t need, but presents them with the facts and figures they need to make decisions,” explains Pam Danziger, president of Unity Marketing and author of Shopping: Why We Love It and How Retailers Can Create the Ultimate Customer Experience.

October 2014 (81 pages)

Published Price: $595

(For a detailed table of contents and a list of restaurant brands included, call 717.336.1600 or email


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