Fashionable Affluent 2013: Decoding the Fashion Choices of Affluent Men and Women Shoppers



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A new luxury trend report on the affluent luxury consumer and their fashion choices and preferences

This report analyzes the results of Unity Marketing’s recent special investigation into the affluent consumers and their fashion choices. The survey was conducted April 2013 among 1,269 affluent luxury consumers (Demographic profile of those surveyed are: $264.3k average household income; $813k median wealth; 58 percent female/42 percent male; 46.6 years. Overall 75 percent of those surveyed planned on making one or more fashion purchases in the coming year.

In this survey affluent shoppers were asked about purchases of clothing and apparel, shoes, handbags and other fashion accessories, including the role of the designer in their purchases, including:

  • What fashion items they buy
  • How much they spent in total on high-end apparel, shoes, handbags and other fashion accessories
  • What influences them in their fashion choices
  • Where they like to shop
  • Role of social media in influencing their purchases

They were also asked about the type of stores which were their destination for shopping for high-end designer merchandise and to rank these stores as either their ‘go-to destination; an occasional destination under certain circumstances; or a destination which they very infrequently or rarely use.

Finally they were asked what most influences them in their choice of shopping destinations, including such factors as selection of styles that are liked; selection of designer brands favored; prices; sales and discounts; service; among other factors.

If you manufacture, market and/or sell design fashion brands, this report is prepared for you.

Fashion marketers will use this report to better understand the demographics and shopping behavior of affluent consumer who buy designer brands in luxury fashion items including clothing, shoes, handbags and other fashion accessories, such as wallets, belts, briefcases among others.

Published June 2013 (69 pages)

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