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Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Fit into Your Store?

Creating a brand in an emerging category isn’t simple.  A well-thought-out strategy reflects where the category and best consumers are going rather than the current environment.  It’s easy to make mistakes.  In the jewelry business, the diamond industry’s powers-that-be would like to define you as something less than mined diamonds. Don’t allow someone else to […]

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Three Jewelry Veterans Create Clean Origin For The Industry’s Millennial Future: Lab-Grown Diamonds Sold Online

Clean Origin is the digitally-native lab-grown diamond jewelry startup created by Alex Weindling, third-generation diamond merchant; Ryan Bonifacino, former CMO/Digital SVP Alex & Ani; and Terry Burman, former CEO Signet Jewelers, Sterling Jewelers and Zale Corporation.

Lightbox Jewelry

De Beers Launches Lab-Grown Diamonds: Response to Demand or Move to Dominate the Market?

After years of disavowing the authenticity of man-made diamonds grown in a laboratory, De Beers has suddenly seen the light and responded to consumer demand by offering a lab-grown diamond alternative under the Lightbox Jewelry name. That is what the company would have you believe in its recent announcement that advancements in technology have now made it […]


An Engagement Gap Is Challenging Jewelers: How Three Major Jewelry Brands Will Manage

It’s been three years since the pandemic threw a monkey wrench into the more or less stable wedding market and disrupted the evergreen bridal jewelry business that fine jewelers depend upon. From 2000 to 2019, some 2.2 million weddings took place each year on average. Then couples hit the pause button with lockdowns in place, […]

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Jewelry Retailers Must Prepare for a Customer Retreat and Signet Has Been Preparing for this Day

A remarkable thing happened during and after the pandemic: Jewelry sales went through the roof. Personal consumption of jewelry reached $94.6 billion in 2021, up over 50% from the $62.3 billion spent in 2020, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis’ (BEA) underlying data. Across the board, American consumers bought a ton of stuff in […]